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Local Authorities' Response to Scottish Power consultation

Posted by East Suffolk Communications Team on 12 November 2018 | Comments

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Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Council, and Suffolk County Council, have now submitted their joint response to the current consultation being held by Scottish Power Renewables.

Our position is that neither site suggested by the power company is perfect, so we are in the position of choosing the lesser of two evils.

However, we are repeating our call for the power companies to minimise the adverse impact on our unique local environment.

Throughout this process, we have been very transparent in representing our communities on this issue, and the response is published in full on our websites. We look forward to seeing the response to this consultation from Scottish Power Renewables and sincerely hope the company will develop its proposals to safeguard our environment.

All the details of the proposals (including our letters and previous responses) are on the website.