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New Beach Huts for Felixstowe

Posted by Suffolk Coastal District Council on 22 January 2018 | Comments

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Plans to give more people the unique Suffolk Coastal ‘beach hut experience’ have taken a step forward, with the potential sites for 23 new beach huts being identified in Felixstowe.

In the long term, Suffolk Coastal District Council, which is the landowner and runs the beach hut and chalet service, hopes to create 100 new sites across the District.

The first planning applications have been submitted for the consideration of the Planning Committee for 23 new sites in Felixstowe, split between two sites – 17 in The Dip, Cliff Road, and 6 on South Beach.

“Suffolk Coastal is committed to making beach huts more accessible to a wider range of people,” explained Suffolk Coastal’s Cabinet member with responsibility for Customers, Communities and Leisure, Cllr TJ Haworth-Culf.

“We are looking to create up to 100 new beach hut sites by 2019. These will then be leased or rented out, so many more people will be able to enjoy the beach hut experience, even if it is just for a day, week or a year!”

“The two main drivers of the beach hut review were to improve equality by increasing the opportunities for residents to have access to a beach hut, while also maximising the income generated from this resource to invest in core services.”

“The creation of new sites will provide additional funds to the council, thus reducing the burden on the Suffolk Coastal tax payer.”

Suffolk Coastal owns 918 beach hut sites in Felixstowe and Sizewell, with the vast majority (906) being in Felixstowe and 12 at Sizewell Beach.

During 2016 and 2017, a review was carried out of the service in support of the East Suffolk Business Plan aim to ‘Increase the number of beach huts provided in the District by at least 10% by 2019’.

The beach hut programme aims to deliver new huts in a number of locations in Suffolk Coastal. Phase 1 of this programme is the identification of the 23 new hut sites in two locations in Felixstowe which are subject to the current planning applications:

The Dip, Cliff Road, Felixstowe: This application is for permission to site 17 new huts on the concrete platform, historically known as the Brackenbury Dip or the DIP Boatyard.

This is area was previously given planning permission for new beach huts in 2005 but the work was never carried out (so the planning permission has lapsed).

There is a good access to this area from the public highway and the huts will be sited close to the sea front promenade. The huts would be of the same standard size, design and construction as existing huts in the area.

South Beach, Felixstowe: This application is for permission to site 6 new beach huts, next to an existing row of beach huts, known as Pier South.

The site is approximately 150 metres south of the Pier, where there is an existing area of raised beach platform, contained by retaining walls abutting the promenade.

The application also covers the repair and extension of the existing platform to accommodate the new huts, as well as enhancing and maintaining this area of the resort.

There is good access from the seafront promenade to the wall and hut location. The new huts will be of the same standard size, design and construction as existing huts in this area.