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Tackling dementia in young people

Posted by Suffolk Coastal District Council on 5 June 2018 | Comments

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Suffolk Coastal residents are invited to work with Suffolk Mind to help tackle early onset dementia.

Suffolk Mind is launching a new service to support people in Suffolk who have traits or a diagnosis of young onset dementia. Figures suggest that those who live with the condition may be up to 6-9% of all people with dementia. Overall in Suffolk, it is estimated that 12,800 people are living with dementia.

Suffolk Mind will be working together with people aged between 30 and 60 who are living with dementia in Suffolk Coastal. Although younger people experience similar symptoms to older people with dementia, the impact on their lives is often much greater.

The charity will be hosting support groups, inviting as many people as possible to discuss what would help them live better and well with the condition. At present, there’s no other service in the area available to individuals who have been diagnosed with young onset dementia.

With information gathered from these groups, a trial will be set up with ideas and interventions, to evaluate the impact on people involved. The research and evaluation aspect of the project will be collaborative and aims to increase the knowledge around how someone is diagnosed with dementia at a younger age.

Project Co-ordinator Sue Gray, said:

“Sometimes younger people get dementia – sometimes as young as 30 – they often feel isolated and shocked – and are facing many challenges around work, children and the surprise of having what we usually think of as an ‘old person’s disease'. Dementia is a life changing condition at any age but when you are young it is all the more difficult to take in and adjust to."

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Sue Gray by emailing dementia@suffolkmind.org.uk or calling 07885 525188. Please contact Sue before 15 June 2018.

Find out more about Suffolk Mind at www.suffolkmind.org.uk.