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New wayfinding signs installed in Oulton Broad

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New ‘wayfinding’ signs have been installed in Nicholas Everitt Park through a joint project between East Suffolk Council and Oulton Broad Parish Council.

New fingerpost signs and totem-style double-sided information boards are now in place around the park. The signs will help to guide visitors around the award-winning park and the surrounding area, highlighting places of interest and encouraging visitors to explore the area on foot. Signs also give walking times between key attractions.

Cllr Craig Rivett, East Suffolk’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration said:

“These new signs will help visitors discover more of Nicholas Everitt Park and the wider area, enhancing their experience and bringing greater economic benefit to Oulton Broad.”

Cllr Andrew Page, Oulton Broad Parish Councillor said:

"Oulton Broad Parish Council is delighted to see this new way-finding projected installed. It offers much improved information and direction around the heart of Oulton Broad, something that has been lacking in the past.

We are pleased to have worked closely with the team at East Suffolk Council, along with other community groups, including Friends of Nicholas Everitt Park, to bring this project together, for the benefit of both locals and tourists alike.

Oulton Broad is a special area that can be enjoyed by all, with nature on your doorstep, in Everitts Park and Carlton Marshes, and businesses and attractions such as the museum and river tours, these new information boards and finger-posts help with navigating the area, so everyone can make the most of their visit.

'On the ground' improvements like this way-finding scheme are a key part of the work OBPC is undertaking. Further projects are currently underway and we look forward to the progression and completion of these."

Improved ‘wayfinding’ was identified as a priority by Oulton Broad Parish Council and local community groups which highlighted a need for better pedestrian signage and increased availability of displays and maps.

The signs have been designed and installed by Suffolk-based Mödel Signage, who also installed Lowestoft’s wayfinding scheme last year.