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Software to transform management of rent arrears

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Waveney District Council has invested in new predictive software to transform the way housing rent accounts are managed and further support tenants in rent arrears.

Traditionally, the Council’s Rent Officers would need to manually review rent accounts for arrears, which was both time-consuming and inefficient. The new Mobysoft Rentsense software analyses all rent accounts and recommends approximately 200 accounts each week which may need to be examined by Rent Officers. The software also provides an explanation as to why a particular account has been marked as needing attention, reducing the time needed to check each account.

By studying payment patterns, the software can also predict how and when a tenant typically pays their rent. For example, if a tenant usually pays their rent within 3 days of when their payment is due, the software will not immediately mark that account as needing attention once the payment date has passed. Should the tenant not pay once the 3 days has passed, the account will be flagged for review.

The new software will give officers earlier knowledge about tenants who are in rent arrears and ensure they are supported to prevent them from getting into further arrears.

Cllr Chris Punt, Waveney’s Cabinet Member for Housing said:

“The new software reduces the amount of time our Rent Officers spend reviewing tenants’ accounts and quickly brings tenants in arrears to their attention, enabling us to offer support and prevent that person’s situation from deteriorating.

The software will also ensure we can collect as much of our housing rent as possible. With this income, the Council can build more affordable homes for those in housing need and ensure our existing properties are well maintained.”

Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft said:

“We look forward to working with East Suffolk Councils. There are over 130 social landlords using RentSense across Britain helping embed efficiencies to create more time for their income officers so in turn they have more time to support their tenants, helping them sustain their tenancies.”

Tenants who may be struggling with their rent are advised to contact their Rent Officer as soon as possible: www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/rent-and-rent-arrears.