Controlling anti-social public drinking - Felixstowe

In August 2008, amended Designated Public Place Orders were introduced in Felixstowe, restricting the drinking of alcohol in public places (particularly along the seafront), following consultation with Felixstowe Town Council, the police and public.

The amended orders came into force on 18 August 2008.

The orders apply to:

Order 1

Sea Road from Orford Road to Undercliff Road West, The Gardens, Promenade, Seafront and foreshore from Holland Road to the entrance of the Spa car park, Wolsey Gardens, Bent Hill, Undercliff Road West, Hamilton Gardens, and Bath Hill, the Convalescent Hill, Pier Bight, Spa Pavilion and Arwela Road car parks and Wolsey Steps.

Hamilton Road from Bent Hill up to St Andrews Road including the area around the Triangle bordered by Crescent Road, Cobbold Road between Hamilton Road and Cowley Road. The Crescent Road car park and the adjacent parts of Cowley Road, Crescent Road and Cobbold Road and Highfield Road car park.

Undercliff Road West from Sea Road to Ordnance Roundabout including Snow Hill Steps, Pram Hill Walk, Garrison Lane up to the boundary line of No.2 and Garrison Lane car park.

Order 2

Maybush Lane, Cliff Road from Maybush Lane to the eastern end of Clifflands car park, Priory Road. Martello Lane, Jacobs Ladder, Marcus Road, Golf Road, Brackenbury Fort and Clifflands car parks and the Greensward between.

Order 3 - the car park, woodlands and open space known as The Grove, Felixstowe.

Order 5 - Brackenbury Sports Centre on High Road East.

Order 7 - Allenby Park including the access from Constable Road.

Order 8 - Ranelagh Road car park.

Order 9 - High Road West from Garrison Lane to Recreation Lane and High Street Walton to the bridge over Port of Felixstowe Road.

Order 10 - the car park, playing fields and access to Orwell High School including the proposed all weather sports area.

Order 11 - the Cemetery in Langley Avenue and Cemetery Path between Grange Road and Mill Lane.

Order 12 - Coronation Playing Field, Coronation Drive, including the play area.

Order 13 - the open spaces known as Cavendish Park North and South including the Orwell Green skateboard park.

Order 14 - Langer Park.

Order 15 - Manor Terrace car park.

It should be noted that the orders only relate to public places but not to:

  • Any premises to which a premises licence or a club premises certificate under the Licensing Act 2003 applies or the curtilage thereof;
  • Any premises which by virtue of Part 5 of the Licensing Act 2003 may for the time being be used for the supply of alcohol or could have been so used within the last twenty minutes;
  • Any place where facilities relating to the sale or consumption of alcohol are permitted under Section 115 E Highways Act 1980.