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Enabling Communities Exemplar Programme

Due to the popularity of this grant scheme we have received a high number of projects. We are putting the programme on hold until further notice but if you require further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact the Funding Team.

Enabling Communities Exemplar Programme is looking to assist community initiatives with grant funding to deliver new ‘flagship’ projects, which will have a positive impact across our communities at a ward, multiple wards and/or district level that need more funding than is available through the Enabling Communities Budgets. 

The Exemplar Programme is a rolling programme, with no set application deadlines and you should receive a decision within 8 weeks of us receiving your complete application.  Groups can apply between £1,000 and £10,000 to help fund a specific project or activity. 

To be eligible for funding, the project must be supported by your local Ward Councillor or the relevant Cabinet Lead Member(s), for theme based projects covering a wider geographical area.  A Letter of Support must be submitted from the relevant Councillor with your application relating specifically to the proposed project.


Suffolk Coastal is keen to promote how its funding is used as it stimulates projects in the district and encourages future applications. Please acknowledge Suffolk Coastal District Council funding support in any relevant publicity.

The Council’s logo, where applicable, and an in text reference to the financial support received from the Council should be used within all project publicity.

If you would like help with a press release or want your project to be officially launched by the Council please contact us.