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Waveney Youth Council

The Waveney Youth Council (WYC) was formed in 2009 to help young people of Waveney have a voice and to enable them to make a difference in their community. It aims to provide opportunities for young people to be involved in important decision making processes and key consultations  to assist with the development of local services that directly effect them.

The WYC allows young people to discuss local and national issues and concerns and identify potential projects to tackle these issues. They work in partnership with organisations and service providers such as Waveney District Council, Suffolk County Council, Police, Health Providers, MP for Waveney, UK Youth Parliament, Lowestoft Rising, Lowestoft Vision, Access Community Trust, The Suffolk Assembly of Youth (SAY) and Community Action Suffolk.

This youth led forum is currently supported by high schools, colleges, special schools and PRU's across Waveney. They also welcome input from any other groups or individuals working with or supporting young people.  

The types of projects, initiatives and events which the WYC have supported in the past or are currently involved in now include;

  • Taking a lead on events to mark the annual National Youth Take Over Days
  • Looking at current PSHE provision in schools and seeing where potential changes could be made to meet the needs of young people
  • Working with appropriate organisations to address issues in schools with academic attainment, low aspirations and work preparation
  • Working with UK Youth Parliament to give young people a voice at a local and National level
  • Shadowing the MP for Waveney as he meets local people, organisations and businesses
  • Worked with the District Council to organise and deliver an anniversary event as part of Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Assisting the District Council with the development of local projects to improve the area (East of England Park, local play area developments)
  • Being involved in consultation around budget setting for the District and County Councils
  • Forming part of the consultation and campaigning around cheaper transport for young people in Suffolk 
  • The Chair of the WYC presenting an annual report on their achievements and project work to District Council Councillors

WYC have their own constitution which outlines their main aims and objectives and gives details of its membership and partner organisations. This is regularly reviewed and updated by the young people involved. 

You can follow WYC on twitter or Facebook for all the latest updates on projects and events.

For more details or to see how you can get involved please contact our Active Communities team or email Waveney Youth Council.