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Community Right to Build

The Community Right to Build makes it easier for local people to initiate and deliver small scale developments they would like to see in their area.

The Community Right to Build is a particular type of neighbourhood development order, meaning that it allows people to propose a development in their local area and obtain permission for it, without having to go through lengthy and cumbersome planning process.

A proposal can be developed as part of a full neighbourhood planning process, or on its own.

It is an alternative route to encouraging development, allowing communities to decide for themselves what is built.

The introduction of the Community Right to Build will be a benefit to community groups who have a specific development (either new build or conversion of existing buildings) in mind but have been prevented from taking this forward due to the red tape and time consuming processes of the planning system.

Summary of the process

A group of local people must form a legally constituted group.

The group must:

  • Engage with the community to gauge support for the development they seek to approve.
  • Discuss opportunities and possible design with land owners, designers or architects and working to identify financing opportunities.
  • Pull together development proposals and a draft Community Right to Build order.
  • Submit order to local planning authority who will arrange for it to be examined by an independent examiner. It may involve a referendum if recommended by the independent examiner, organised by the local council if required.

If the referendum receives over 50% support the local planning authority must grant planning permission for the development to go ahead.

You are ready to build.

More information is available on the My Community website.