Domestic abuse

Everyone has the right to live without violence and fear - and this means you too. Domestic violence includes any form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse between people within a close relationship.

It affects women, men and children, and can happen in any family, immaterial of class, religion or culture. It is estimated to occur in a quarter of all households at some time.

Domestic violence not only damages the women or men suffering abuse, both mentally and physically, but any children within the family group. Constantly witnessing domestic violence can teach the children that it is a legitimate response to problems, or it can make them fearful and withdrawn from life. One in four women and one in six men suffers domestic abuse.

For further information on Domestic Violence and Abuse the following forums operate locally:

Coastal Action Against Abuse (CAAA) is a group of professionals who work in partnership to raise public and professional awareness and understanding of the impact of domestic violence/abuse on victims, their families and the wider community.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse; information about support services can be found at on the New Dawn website.

The Waveney Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum which has been established for over 30 years and is a voluntary, non profit making organisation. Its aim is to reduce and prevent domestic abuse. It works locally, with over 40 statutory and voluntary agencies, to help people escape domestic violence and abuse, and to also support them in the community.

We offer a dedicated advice and guidance service to all who require it in order that victims of domestic abuse are informed directly, or by their serving professional agency about what can be offered to them in their locality and nationally.

Some examples of advice and guidance we offer are:

  • Safety planning – how to be safe in your home and in public
  • Support planning – what support is there and how to access it
  • Risk assessing – what dangers you face in the here and now
  • Court and legal processes – what to expect and how to prepare for court
  • Signposting – finding the service that suits your need best
  • Accessing Refuge or your housing options

In an emergency, always call 999.

Domestic Homicide Reviews