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Guide to Accessible Transport in Suffolk Coastal

We are aware that being able to access suitable transport is very important to people with mobility impairments. The information in this guide has been prepared by the Suffolk Coastal Disability Forum to provide contacts for public transport services that are accessible to people with mobility impairments including wheelchair users.

Disability Forum Good practice guide

Dont Park on Pavements campaign

Woodbridge Action Day

The purpose of this day was to check the access to shops and businesses in Woodbridge and its attractions and facilities such as the Swimming Pool, the Riverside, the Tide Mill and Accessible Toilets. A simple check list was been prepared for people to use, one for shops and businesses, and one that could be used for the Swimming Pool, the Riverside.

About Me

Following the Disability Focus Days held annually in Suffolk and the request for there to be a Health Passport for all disabled people, the Suffolk Disability and Health Action Group has been working with disabled people to produce ‘About Me’ (previously described as a Health Passport), a document that disabled people and/or their family carers can complete to give health and care professionals information about themselves to help those professionals provide better care. 

Report from the Felixstowe Action Day

Access to shops, businesses and other facilities in the larger towns in Suffolk Coastal has long been of concern to members of the Suffolk Coastal Disability Forum. As a result, an Action Day in Felixstowe took place on Tuesday, 5 July, 2016 and this report was created.

The Suffolk Coastal Disability Forum was set up as a reference group to help the district council to listen, learn and consult with disabled people.

The forum creates opportunities for disabled people, their families, and disability organisations in the district to come together to:

  • consult directly with the council on the services and facilities which affect disabled people
  • provide a collective and stronger voice on all issues of disability to achieve positive outcomes for the community

Membership is free and open to:

  • disabled people and their family carers, including people with physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, learning disabilities or mental health problems
  • representatives of disability organisations that provide a service to people who live in the area
  • representatives of East Suffolk Council and Town and Parish Councils in the Suffolk Coastal area

To join the forum telephone 01394 274345 or email margaretamorris@hotmail.com.

Suffolk Coastal Disability Forum meetings are held in different locations in the Suffolk Coastal area.

Guests can be invited to discuss particular areas of concern and to respond to members’ questions. Recent topics discussed have been issues relating to public transport, parking, paths and pavements, access to health services particularly issues affecting people getting to hospital, and access to leisure facilities.