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Emergency planning and business continuity

What is Emergency Planning?

This is simply the name given to the work the council does to be ready to help the emergency services deal with major emergencies that affect our communities. We also plan how we will help communities to recover from emergencies and get back to normal.

We regularly work with our Partner Agencies to plan for a wide range of emergencies and we test our plans during exercises to make sure we are as well prepared as we need to be.

During an emergency, we help by setting up Rest Centres, by sending Liaison Officers to the scene to provide expert knowledge, for example if a building is in danger of collapse and by coordinating this through our own Control Centre.

How prepared is your Community?

Not got a Community Emergency Group yet? For further information please contact us.

Suffolk Resilience

Suffolk Resilience has a comprehensive collection of information, including the preparations individuals can make and who to contact in the event of a specific emergency.  It also reminds the public of the emergency advice ‘Go in, Stay in, Tune in’ so that they get into a safe building, stay indoors until they know what is happening, and tune into local TV and radio stations for more information.

The risk information and plans provide public reassurance so that people know what the Emergency Responders and Local Authority will be doing when something goes wrong and also which is the best organisation to speak to e.g. during a utility failure.

There is even advice about what to prepare for when planning a public event in the county, building on a flood plain or preparing your community for winter.

The Suffolk Resilience Forum is committed to keeping Suffolk safe in every situation.