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Annual Electoral Canvass

Between the months of July and November each year, Household Enquiry forms are sent out to every property for residents to complete in order to update their details on the voters list. A new Register of Electors is then published on 1 December.

The Household Enquiry form is pre-printed with the names of the occupants that are currently registered to vote.

If the details are incorrect, these must be updated.

If the details are correct, a confirmation response must also be made.

Residents can respond to their household form using one of the following methods:

Online return form Freephone: 0800 060 8798 Text: 07860 018386

Wherever possible, residents are urged to use one of the automated response methods and to make a return as soon as possible, to avoid the cost of unnecessary reminders. Forms can be returned by post using the reply paid envelope provided.

If we do not get a response from a property to the forms we send by post, we are required to send one of our door-step canvassing staff to the property to collect the information required.

The law says that you must provide us with your information as part of the annual canvass. Failure to respond could result in you being unable to vote at future elections and being fined.