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Tackling Climate change

In 2019 East Suffolk Council declared a Climate Emergency. As part of this the Council is working to reduce its own carbon emissions.

To tackle climate change we all need to take action. So, what can residents do? If we all make small changes in our behaviour we can start to make a big difference. 

If applicable, residents, businesses and organisations could consider the following suggestions:

Save energy, carbon and money at home

Eat less meat and more vegetables

This is good for both your health and the planet. It could also reduce your food bills.

  • Eat more meat-free meals
  • If eating meat, try to source local, higher welfare produce
  • Buy local whenever possible
  • Plan your meals and reduce waste
  • Try growing your own fruit and vegetables

Consider your travel plans

  • Reduce single occupancy car journeys - try car sharing
  • If you're replacing your car, consider an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • Cycle or walk locally
  • If you're travelling longer distances, use public transport if possible
  • Green Suffolk’s Journey Planning webpages are designed to help those considering leaving the car at home make informed choices about other ways to commute, explore and get about: www.greensuffolk.org/travel
  • Reduce your air travel

Consume less, waste less

Encourage wildlife to your garden

  • Plant species which encourage insects, particularly bees, and other wildlife to your garden
  • Plant trees - they are effective at absorbing carbon dioxide
  • Create other wildlife habitats in your garden using insect hotels, ponds or by allowing organic material to decompose
  • More ideas about actions you can take to help wildlife at home is available from: www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/actions

Get involved