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Repair and maintenance

The Coastal Management Team carries out a comprehensive programme of inspections which highlight when repair and maintenance works need to be carried out. This ensures that the defences are functioning correctly, extends the life of the assets and protects the public from potential hazards.

Some examples of repair and maintenance works include:

  • Repairing trip or slip hazards on promenades
  • Replacing planks on timber groynes, and removing splinters
  • Ensuring the sealant in the concrete seawall joints is intact
  • Maintaining warning signage
  • Beach recycling
  • Removing sharp or hazardous debris
  • Checking guard-railing for corrosion or loosening of bolts
  • Ensuring access steps and ramps are safe for public use
  • Repairing holes and removing sharp points from steel sheet piles
  • Replacing bolts and fixings on timber structures and navigation markers

if you would like to report an issue that you think needs our attention please contact our Coastal Management Team.

Repair and Maintenance information on all coastal areas.