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Who are we?

The East Suffolk Greenprint forum provides an environmental link between public and voluntary organisations and community groups and is a hub for community groups to share skills and experiences around energy, water, waste, local food and nature; as well as acting an incubator for local environmental action in communities and organisations.  It has successfully operated since 1996 and has over 200 members.

It is a network facilitated by Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Council and steered by the following organisations/community groups:

  • Environment Agency – Keith Moore
  • East Suffolk Partnership – Luke Bennett
  • Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB – Cathy Smith
  • Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils – Phil Gore, Deborah Wargate
  • Transition Woodbridge - Jane Healey
  • Waldringfield Allotment and Leisure Gardening Association – Betsy Reid

In 2017/18 our focus is on:

  • Environmental C.V. building for School Leavers
  • Creating Sustainable Self Builds with Community Land Trusts
  • Promoting waste reduction at source to avoid the need to manage it

Since 1996 we have:

  • Influenced council policy (e.g. ban on sky lanterns, development of climate change/environment strategies)
  • Raised funds for community action
  • Initiated the Suffolk Hedgerow Survey (which started in 1998 and engaged 317 Parishes, 2400 volunteers and surveyed 38295 Hedgerows)
  • Organised 130 events/forums covering a wide range of environmental topics at the request of members

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