Past events

03 Feburary

Greenprint Climate Action event


Plastic Action Champions' visit to energy from waste plant


Shaping our Future Active Travel workshop report


Briefing/training sessions for Plastic Action Champions – Calendar for October 

20/22-09 2019

Great British Beach Clean – Greenprint beach litter survey 2019

July 2019

Briefings/Training sessions information for Plastic Action Champions


Briefing/Training session for Plastic Action Champions – 17:30-20:00 Monday 17 June 2019, Riverside, Lowestoft.

05-06-19 (World Environment Day) – Sustainable and Active Travel (evening event). East Suffolk House, Melton.


So much on the horizon event report  



Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, Snape – weekend of activities and information on improving how we reuse, reduce and recycle plastic.


Plastic Action Forum, Lowestoft – evening – Film : A Plastic Tide plus launch of east Suffolk Plastic Action Champion scheme.


Plastic Action Day, Kirkley Centre, Lowestoft – morning – including showing of the Film: A Plastic Tide. 


Plastic Action Art on the Prom 

29-08-2018 Plastic Action Felixstowe 
25-08-2018 Orford Flower Show event report

Great Blakenham Materials Recycling Facility Tour

July Beach Marathon report

Visit to Great Blakenham Recycling Plant


Plastics know your place in the community. 6pm - 9pm - East Suffolk House, Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1RT. 


Lunch time stride and pick - Lowestoft


Plastic Action Felixstowe Community Event

Screening of a the Sky Documentary ‘A Plastic Tide’ followed by a ‘refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle’ discussion/question time.

This was run as a low plastic event. Thanks go to Sky for supplying the DVD, the Salvation Army for providing the hall, The Bakery Felixstowe for the delicious vegan cookies, Fruit and Flowers Felixstowe for the bananas and dates, Foulger’s Dairy for the milk and the Woodbridge Tea Emporium for the tea. Thanks also to the Town Council, Felixstowe Forward, Plastic Free Felixstowe and all the others who circulated this event and will be circulating the key learning points and most importantly acting to reduce plastic pollution

Lunch time stride and pick - Melton


Marine Conservation Society Webinar 

You can access a recording on:

Locally people all around the Suffolk Coast have been involved in the Annual Marine Conservation Beach Watch weekend for many years. Now even more are getting out there this webinar: introduces the Marine Conservation Societ, plastic as a pollutant and what we can do to help.  


Plastics – an introductory webinar

You can access a recording on:

To get you thinking about the whole issue of plastics this introduces you to what they are, their history and how they are used, what we know about plastics and what don’t we know, what are we finding in the water, on the beaches and in the bins in Suffolk and action we can take. 

2 February

Transition Woodbridge screening of A Plastic Tide

Screening of a the Sky Documentary ‘A Plastic Tide’ followed by action talks. 


Our refreshed vision – action and learning now for the future

You can access a recording on:

Discover the thoughts behind the words and help us bring the vision to life. For it is only through working together on improving quality of life while reducing negative environmental impacts  that we will make a difference. 


Energy from Waste Visit, Great Blakenham

What do we do in Suffolk with the waste that is not suitable for recycling? We use it to generate electricity. This tour gave the chance to find out more about the process and ask questions.


Give and Take (drop in) - Whitton Residents Hall, Hawthorn Avenue


A forward looking starter discussion that was open to all on how we can help tackle our communities hidden needs through housing in an environmentally sustainable way.

03-07-17 Greenprint Forum July
26-04-17 Energy From Waste at Great Blakenham
30-03-17 Materials Recycling Facility visit at Great Blakenham
28-11-2016 Sustainable Prosperity - A Life Lived Well
19-11-2016 Working for wildlife on the Suffolk Coast
04-07-16 Getting from A to B Notes of Meeting held on 4 July 2016
20-06-16 20 Year Celebrations Combined Notes of Meetings Held on 23 May 2016 and 20 June 2016
23-05-16 20 Year Celebrations Combined Notes of Meetings Held on 23 May 2016 and 20 June 2016
08-05-16 Staverton Woods Visit
27-02-16 Looking After Our Community Woods
30-01-16 What's wildlife ever done for us?
27-11-15 ESP Annual Forum:
Ambition in Our Communities – Realising a Circular Economy
Suffolk Coast Greeters: An innovative scheme conquers the Suffolk coast
29-09-15 Transition Woodbridge and East Suffolk Greenprint Forum Permaculture presentation
22-09-15 Visit to Sita UK’s £180million Energy from Waste plant at Great Blakenham
18-09-15 East Suffolk Greenprint Forum visit to Howard Nurseries
14-09-15 Water - The Essential Element
Meeting minutes
East Suffolk Water Abstractors Group - The value of irrigation to the economy of East Suffolk
Holistic Water Management Project
Howard Nurseries - The importance of water to a local business and how they are adapting
Love Every Drop Water for life, livelihoods and landscapes 14-09-15
East Suffolk Greenprint Forum - Will Akast
19-07-15 Visit to Gunton Woodland Burial Park
13-04-15 East Suffolk Greenprint Forum visit to the Green Britain Centre
Photos of the Green Britain Centre visit
09-03-15 East Suffolk Greenprint Forum and Transition Woodbridge film screening: More than Honey
09-02-15 Notes of the 9 February 2015 meeting
Summary of presentations from this meeting
08-09-14 Joint Transition Woodbridge and Greenprint Forum: Marine Issues
01-09-14 Action on renewable energy in our communities
12-05-14 Visit to Adnams Bioenergy
10-05-14 East Suffolk Greenprint and Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Tree Warden Forum
27-01-14 Notes of the 27 January 2014 meeting