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Sign up for garden waste collection – now!

SCDC Brown BinNew subscribers to the Suffolk Coastal Garden Waste Scheme, look out for your new bin sticker arriving in the post soon.

For orders placed after 15 April may take up to 14 days to arrive.

When you get your sticker, please place it on your existing brown bin underneath the handle as shown here.

Suffolk Coastal residents can now sign up to the new Garden Waste Collection Scheme.

Suffolk Coastal District Council is introducing a £43 a year charge for collecting garden waste this financial year (2018/19).

The scheme is optional, with the first paid-for collections scheduled to start from the beginning of May 2018.

Click here to sign up online. You will need to register, or login to, your 'My Eastsuffolk' account and then complete the form for garden waste.

You will need a debit or credit card to pay. The fee for one bin is £43 for a year (the equivalent of paying about £1.65 per fortnightly collection). You can place your order now and don’t forget to say ‘YES’ to the upgrade. 

One of the key benefits from joining the Suffolk Coastal Garden Waste Scheme is that subscribers will also be given the option of receiving a free, larger (240 litre) green bin for their garden waste (240 litres is the most common wheeled bin size, but the current brown organic waste bins in Suffolk Coastal are 140 litres). The new, larger green bins are expected to be delivered during the autumn (2018) to those residents who request one and have subscribed to the garden waste service.

At this stage, subscribers to the Garden Waste Collection Scheme will be able to continue to put organic domestic waste (such as food waste) in with their garden waste.

Click here to find more information about the garden waste scheme, composting and re-purposing your old brown bin