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Tenant involvement

We have a long history of tenant involvement going back over 25 years. Generally, we are proud of what we have achieved over that time and have been honestly committed to try and get more tenants involved in the services we deliver.

So, what is tenant participation?

Tenant participation is about tenants and council officers working in partnership, to help shape the services delivered to you, our tenants.

“I got involved by accident and it’s probably one of the best things I have ever done. It is a really positive thing to do with my spare time, I really enjoy it.”

Every tenant’s views are important to us. They are a useful guide in helping us work out what priorities are most important to you. The best way for us to do this is to ask the people that are directly affected and that is you. It is also our way of keeping you informed about policies and changes that may affect you.

Why get involved?

Many people find tenant participation both interesting and rewarding. The level of involvement you choose is up to you, it depends on the time you have to spare and how deeply you wish to get involved.

“I first got involved because I’m nosey, I like to know what’s going on. I get great satisfaction from knowing what I do really helps people.”

You could for instance support us by simply filling in a survey or attending the Tenants Forum, held every three months. There are various boards and working groups for those that want to get more involved and have the time to commit. It is your chance to be empowered and influence decisions made about your home and shape the communities in which you live. Many people find it a rewarding experience and enjoy socialising with other like minded tenants. So why not get involved?

“I joined the Forum so I could find out what is going on elsewhere in the district. I like to see the bigger picture and understand how the council works.”


Regular training opportunities are provided. Training helps to equip tenants with skills that underpin their chosen roles. It would also increase your portfolio of skills, which may help with your employment opportunities and add to your CV.

Training is optional but many tenants that have undertaken training found it fun, interesting and very useful.

“Training’s great fun! It’s not like being at school, you learn while you have a laugh. It’s increased both my work and life skills and I’ve gotten to know my fellow tenants better, I’d recommend it to anyone.”

“I enjoy the challenge of learning new skills and putting them to good use, I’ve really grown in confidence since becoming a tenant representative!”

Travel and agreed out of pocket expenses for training will be met. So you’ve got nothing to lose. To take part please contact our Tenant Involvement and Support Officer.