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The government's new Homelessness Reduction Act commences in April 2018. Find out more...

The Councils' emphasis is on doing everything they can, within the policies and resources available, to keep people in their homes.

Under the Homelessness Act 2002, an application will only be taken if the applicant is homeless today or threatened with homelessness within 28 days.

According to the legal definition you will be considered as being homeless if:

  • There is nowhere that you and your family can stay
  • You no longer have a legal right to remain in your home
  • You have somewhere to live but you cannot get into it
  • You are at risk of violence from someone who is living in your home
  • Your home is a caravan or boat and you have nowhere to park / moor it and live in it
  • It is not reasonable to continue living in your home for example because of its condition or there is something else which might make it dangerous for you to live there (this would have to be qualified by an Environmental Health Officer)

To register as homeless, please attend one of our housing advice clinics.

The decision on your application will be advised to you in writing, sent either to the address that you have applied from or made available to be collected by hand.

If you are not accepted as being homeless as defined in the legislation you have the right to have the decision reviewed. To do this you should request a Right to Review form, complete the details and return it to the Housing office within 21 days. The review will be heard by an appeals panel with an independent member. If the appeal concerns a point of law it can be taken to the County Court.

Being Intentionally Homeless

You will be found to be intentionally homeless if you choose to leave your home when you could have remained there or if you deliberately or knowingly did something or failed to do something that caused you to become homeless.

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