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Finding somewhere to live

Homefinders scheme

This scheme provides families with children the opportunity to move into a home of their choice. Everyone who qualifies for the scheme will have become homeless (or threatened with homelessness).

Rent guarantee/bond scheme

The Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme has been established to assist qualifying applicants to gain access into the private rented housing sector.  Instead of providing a conventional cash deposit, a private landlord is offered a guarantee that the council will accept responsibility for uninsured damage or loss caused by the tenant to an amount equivalent to one months rent for a maximum period of 12 months. It would be the responsibility of the tenant to save towards a deposit for a further term beyond this.

Shared ownership

If you are interested in low cost home ownership please visit the Help to Buy website.

Credit Unions 

These organisations might be able to assist you with saving and raising money for a deposit. They exist to:

  • encourage its members to save regularly
  • provide loans to members at very low rates of interest
  • provide members with help and support on managing their financial affairs (if required)