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Waveney sheltered housing

Waveney District Council owns 13 sheltered housing schemes, with most of them located in the Lowestoft area.

All of our schemes have communal facilities with residents encouraged to use them. They are provided as part of the tenancy. This would include fully furnished communal facilities with modern kitchens to encourage use by the scheme residents, communal laundry facilities, guest bedrooms (at most schemes) for visitors to our residents and mobility scooter parks now being rolled out across the schemes.

If you are interested in our sheltered schemes you are welcome to contact us for more information. We can even set up a visit for you or a relative if you wish.

Find sheltered housing in Lowestoft Find sheltered housing in rural Waveney

Sheltered housing for the over 60s

Sheltered housing is a flat within a complex especially designed and built with the needs of elderly people in mind.

We specifically accommodate any person of pensionable or near pensionable age who feels the need for some support.

All access to our sheltered housing is through Gateway to Homechoice - an online application that you, or someone on your behalf can complete.