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Suffolk Coastal Leisure Strategy

Suffolk Coastal is committed improving the health and wellbeing of people in the district.

To make a real difference, we need a clear strategy to provide direction to our chosen development partner for the next decade. Over the past year we have engaged local people in a review and assessment to help us develop a strategy which shapes the way we deliver our services improving the health, wellbeing and fitness of our communities.

The review was wide-ranging and encompassed all forms of leisure and recreation, not just sport. The guiding principle was to include leisure and recreation pursuits that people ‘do’ rather than those that they ‘view’, such as taking your children to a local play area, walking in the countryside, horse riding or playing a game of football with your local club.

The leisure strategy is based on three underpinning assessments and a comprehensive engagement report. It acts as a guide to Suffolk Coastal District Council’s leisure development and operational partners as they look to improve leisure and recreational opportunities across the district.

The leisure strategy provides:

  • Strategic direction for Suffolk Coastal District Council’s leisure development and operational partners.
  • Strategic approach to the delivery of healthy living initiatives in support of the Suffolk’s Health and Wellbeing Boards strategic aims.
  • Identification of linkages between existing Council strategies and priorities relating to health and physical activity.
  • A synopsis of the links between internal and external strategies that can be developed/delivered jointly to deliver resident wellbeing opportunities/outcomes

The leisure strategy also:

  • Informs planning for the provision of new or improved leisure facilities in Suffolk Coastal.
  • Provides a detailed audit and assessment of existing leisure and recreational facilities.
  • Forecasts the leisure and recreational facilities needed to serve Suffolk Coastal communities over the next 10 years.
  • Is a guide to the type, amount and quality of both the strategic and local leisure and recreational sites required to increase the health, wellbeing and physical activity levels of Suffolk Coastal residents.
  • Provides a valuable source of information to communities looking to prioritise local projects or evidence neighbourhood or parish plans.

The Suffolk Coastal Leisure Strategy will continue to develop overtime as community projects are identified and leisure partners scope the detail of strategy’s recommendations.

Communities that need support or guidance to carry out a project in line with the recommendations of the Suffolk Coastal Leisure Strategy are welcome to contact us.