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Cabinet meeting set for live broadcast

Posted by on 5 May 2020 | Comments

For the first time ever, East Suffolk Council’s next Cabinet meeting will be broadcast live on YouTube, allowing residents to observe the meeting from home.

The meeting itself – which takes place tomorrow Wednesday 6 May at 3pm - will take place remotely, with all participating councillors joining by video link. To ensure the safety of councillors and officers, as well as anyone wishing to observe proceedings, the meeting will be broadcast in real time at www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/youtube

Cllr Steve Gallant, Leader of East Suffolk Council said: “This is a first for East Suffolk; we have continued to hold internal meetings during lockdown via video conference, however, this is the first time the public will be able to watch a meeting as it happens.

“Under normal circumstances, anyone is welcome to attend our cabinet and council meetings and we hope that by broadcasting meetings online, we can show the decision-making process as it happens. For those who are unable to attend council meetings or who are simply curious about what goes on, this is an ideal opportunity to see democracy in action and to gain a better understanding of how decisions affecting East Suffolk communities are made.”

Amongst the items on Wednesday's agenda are a report on the Housing Enabling Strategy, the adoption of the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone Design Guide, and a report on climate change and housing.

The full agenda and reports for Wednesday’s cabinet meeting can be found at www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/council-meetings-and-decisions.

As with a face-to-face Cabinet meeting, members of the public are able to watch the meeting but not participate in it. However, for future meetings of our Planning Committees or Licensing Sub-Committees, members of the public who wish to make representations on certain applications will be invited to join the meeting online, for the relevant item of business. Those wishing to speak will be asked to register in advance, and then invited to participate in the meeting, securely, via the video link service, Zoom.