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Debach community tackles speeding drivers

Posted by on 12 March 2019 | Comments

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Drivers in Debach are being reminded to reduce their speed thanks to a new device funded by local businesses and Suffolk Coastal District Council.

A Speed Indicator Device (SID), which advises drivers if they are exceeding the speed limit and also captures speeding data, has now been installed in the village. The SID was funded by kind donations from local companies and Suffolk Coastal District Council, through the Enabling Communities Budget of Cllr Tony Fryatt.

Cllr Tony Fryatt said:

“I am pleased to have been able to support this new Speed Indicator Device through my Enabling Communities Budget. There has been an ongoing issue with drivers speeding through the village, however as a result of the hard work by local residents and the Parish Council, the device is now in place and already helping to slow people down and make the village safer.”

Beth Taylor, Chairperson of the Debach Parish Meeting said:

“The SID has now been trialled and is proving its worth. There has been some stupidly fast driving through our village which has endangered other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Thanks to the SID, we now have data to pass on the police for further action to be taken’.

Mrs Taylor expressed her thanks on behalf of the village to Debach Enterprises, Maritime Transport, local farmer John Taylor and Suffolk Coastal District Council for their generous support for the project.

A total of £273,000 was put aside in 2018/19 to give each elected member of Suffolk Coastal District Council £6,500 to spend on community projects. Since the launch of the scheme in 2013, just over £850,000 has been spent on a wide range of new community initiatives across 600 projects.

All 55 councillors elected to the new East Suffolk Council will have a £7,500 Enabling Communities Budget to help their local areas.