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Delivering green homes in East Suffolk

Posted by on 22 May 2020 | Comments

East Suffolk Council has launched a new Strategy to deliver more environmentally friendly homes as it continues its work to address climate change.

In July 2019, East Suffolk Council voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency as part of its commitment to reduce its own carbon emissions and to encourage local communities to help fight climate change.

Now the Council’s first Housing Enabling Strategy has been approved by Cabinet and will play a key role in achieve its green commitments, while recognising the importance of enabling housing developments across the District.

The Strategy is a joint effort between the Council’s Housing and Planning teams, and delivers a shared vision for development in the district which adds to and supports existing measures already in place, locally and nationally, including the Council’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.

In a joint statement, Cllr Richard Kerry, Cabinet Member for Housing, and Cllr David Ritchie, Cabinet Member for Planning, said: “We are delighted to launch the first Housing Enabling Strategy for East Suffolk Council, which recognises the need to facilitate new developments to meet local demand for affordable homes that are energy efficient. It also sets out our commitment to encourage housing providers and developers across East Suffolk to strive for a greener approach to both existing accommodation and new developments.”

The Strategy provides simple, concise information on best practices for developers seeking to mitigate the impact of the building industry on the climate change and measures to address the effect of climate change.

Cllr James Mallinder, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “This Strategy shows how serious we are about tackling climate change in East Suffolk, and the key role the environment plays in our decision-making. It is not just about the plants and grass outside – it is about ensuring that homes in East Suffolk are energy efficient and built to environmentally sustainable standards. Changes to how we operate, big and small, will make a big difference over time and help build a legacy for future generations.”

 View East Suffolk's new Housing Enabling Strategy