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New bins will help keep Aldeburgh tidy

Posted by on 30 July 2020 | Comments

To encourage people to dispose of their rubbish correctly and reduce littering, a new style of litter bin is being trialled in Aldeburgh.

Having listened to residents’ views, East Suffolk Council has worked with Aldeburgh Town Council to review the litter bins provided in the town. The audit considered the style and size of bin, as well as their location.

Much of the rubbish being discarded is from takeaway and fast food businesses, which is not only unsightly and damaging for the environment but is also attractive to pests. To deter pests and gulls from removing waste from bins, and to prevent rubbish being blown out, any open top or ‘flip top’ style bins have been removed where possible. These have been replaced with larger bins which are uniform in colour and size and are clearly located along the seafront.

In response to local suggestions, the Council is also piloting bins for recycling. These new bins have compartments for both general waste and recyclables and clearly give visitors the option to make the right choice in disposing of their rubbish. To ensure accessibility, smaller wheeled bins are still available.

Cllr James Mallinder, East Suffolk’s cabinet member for the Environment said: “Working with the local community and the town council, we have been able to make some small changes to try to help reduce littering. Like many parts of the country, East Suffolk has seen an increase in littering recently however there is simply no excuse for not disposing of your waste properly. We are working hard to ensure there are plenty of bins available and it is hoped these new style bins will make it even easier for visitors to Aldeburgh to keep the town tidy.

“Small actions make a big difference and we can all work together to help keep East Suffolk beautiful.”

Posters are also on display in Aldeburgh to encourage people to use the nearest litter bin or take their rubbish home.