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Charges and quotations

Our hourly building control rate is £67.

East Suffolk Council implements DCLG Risk Assessed Pricing Guidance Jan 2012 to calculate its fee and charges.

The charge scheme can be inspected on request by contacting our Building Control team.

Each building Control application will still be priced individually.

Full plans submission

  • A plan charge is to be paid when the application is submitted.
  • Once work has started and the first inspection has been made, you will be invoiced for all subsequent inspections.

Building Notice submission

The total of the plans fee and inspection is to be paid with the deposit of the Building Notice. There will be no further charges made unless the work changes from the submitted notice.

Regularisation application

The total fee is payable with the deposit of the application. These fees are exempt from VAT.

Works which are exempt from fees but still require an application

  • Building work which solely benefits people with disabilities in relation to dwellings and public building.
  • Building Notice applications for the insertion of insulating material into an existing cavity wall, where work is certified to an approved standard.
  • Pre-Application advice on meeting building regulations and related standards. All such advice is free of charge.

Quotation for works

The charges for building regulations applications are individually calculated and specifically tailored for each project. To request an individual fee quote please contact our Building Control team. A surveyor will then contact you via phone or email within 24 hours with your personalised quote. Your quote will then be valid for a period of three months. Inspection charges will be invoiced following the first inspection (full plans only), unless requested otherwise we will send the invoice to the applicant.