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Buildings at risk

East Suffolk Buildings at risk register

Historic buildings which are known to be 'at risk' through neglect and decay, or vulnerable to becoming so, are added to a Buildings at Risk register.

The national Buildings at Risk register containing listed buildings of the higher grades, I and II*, is published by Historic England. The Suffolk County register includes the same buildings plus those of grade II and is a joint publication by Suffolk County Council and the district councils in Suffolk.

Most of the buildings and structures on the registers are in poor to very bad condition, but a few in fair condition are also included, usually because they have become redundant, making their future uncertain. Inclusion in the register implies no criticism of the owners of the buildings concerned, many of whom are actively seeking ways to secure their buildings’ futures.

East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust

The East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust objectives include to preserve for the benefit of the people of East Suffolk and of the Nation, the historical, architectural and constructional heritage that may exist in and around East Suffolk in buildings (including any structure or erection, and any part of a building as so defined) of particular beauty or historical, architectural or constructional interest.