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Suffolk Coastal Conservation areas

Conservation Area appraisals

Felixstowe south conservation area

Proposed Conservation Area in Kelsale

Currently, the Council has designated 35 conservation areas within the district. These range from the centre of older villages and towns to hamlets and include open spaces and the landscape setting of a village.

In June 2009, we created a new conservation area in part of Felixstowe South to extend the protection given to the town’s important Late Victorian and Edwardian architectural heritage.

Guides to conservation areas can also be found in the Supplementary Planning Guidance section.

You can use our Geographic Information System to view online maps of conservation areas.

Conservation area maps are also available for purchase.

Advice and guidance

Within a conservation area the planning authority is able to influence more closely the design of new buildings, alterations, and other developments to ensure they respect the character of the conservation area. Trees in conservation areas are also afforded protection.

Demolition of buildings within the conservation area requires consent. From 1 October 2013, the need to obtain conservation area consent for the demolition of an unlisted building in a conservation area was removed. Instead, demolition within conservation areas will require planning permission. There are some exceptions such as temporary buildings, low walls and small sheds.

There may also be a need to apply for planning permission for alterations or extensions to buildings that would not normally need planning permission such as minor roof alterations, dormer windows and satellite dishes.

The preservation of the qualities of a conservation area is important but at the same time we recognise that changes may need to take place to ensure that the area is enhanced and remains prosperous.