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Area Action Plan for the Felixstowe Peninsula

Joint examination

Local plan working groups

Issues and options consultation

Preferred options consultation

Pre-submission publication consultation

Main Modifications Consultation

The Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan was adopted by the Council on 26th January 2017.  It now formally becomes part of the Suffolk Coastal Development Plan and is used in the determination of planning applications.

The Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan provides site allocations for a variety of uses and area specific policies across the communities on the Felixstowe Peninsula which implement the strategic vision and strategy outlined in the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Document.

In accordance with the regulations, the Felixstowe Peninsula AAP was developed alongside a process of Sustainability Appraisal.  Sustainability Appraisal has been undertaken throughout the plan making stages as detailed in the Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Statement.

The Felixstowe Peninsula AAP was also subject to assessment under the Habitats Regulations, often referred to as Appropriate Assessment (AA).

Below is the timetable which outlines the stages the Council has undertaken in the production of this document. 

15 December 2014 - 27 February 2015 (11 weeks) - 'Issues and Options' consultation

19 October - 30 November 2015 (6 weeks) - 'Preferred Options' consultation

18 April - 31 May 2016 (6 weeks) – 'Pre Submission' publication (final draft plan) for representations relating to soundness

20 June 2016 - Submission to Planning Inspectorate for examination

30 August 2 September 2016 – Examination hearing

17 October – 28 November 2016 (6 weeks) – Main Modifications’ consultation

January 2017 - Inspector’s report published

January 2017 - Adoption by the Council

The Core Strategy set the broad scale and distribution of new development for the Felixstowe Peninsula between 2010 and 2027. The Area Action Plan for the Felixstowe Peninsula will give a greater level of detail. It also aims to ensure that the right policies are in place to enable the town centre and employment areas to continue to evolve and flourish. 

The Site Allocations and Area-Specific Policies document was developed in parallel.