Local Development Scheme

Adopted by the Council in October 2015, the Local Development Scheme sets out the Council’s timetable for producing its Development Plan Documents. It also identifies the resources required, constraints and milestones against which progress can be measured.

In line with government guidance, an up-to-date timetable for the preparation of each document is made available on the Council's website.

Following the adoption of the Core Strategy in July 2013, the Council has been working on further documents which will form part of the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan and facilitate the delivery of the vision found in the Core Strategy.

The Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document and the Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan provide a specific focus on individual areas across the district. These two documents are being produced in parallel. 

In addition, the Council is working on a single document Local Plan Review which will roll forward all the above documents to the year 2036.