Main Modifications Consultation

Suffolk Coastal District Council proposed a series of Main Modifications to the Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies Development Plan Document and the Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan which were identified following discussion at the Examination in Public hearing sessions in August and September 2016. 

The Main Modifications were intended to address issues of legal compliance and/or soundness within the documents and were published for a six week period of public consultation between 17 October and 28 November 2016.  Representations were invited on the Main Modifications and following the closure of the consultation, these have been passed to the Inspector, who will consider these when preparing her final report on the Plan.

Alongside the Main Modifications, a series of additional changes were also proposed by the Council which were subject to public consultation during the same period.  These additional changes were mainly factual or typographical changes that were not considered to affect the soundness of the plan.

The Council prepared a track changes version of the documents which showed the Main Modifications and Additional Changes in context.  These track change versions were not part of the consultation and were only provided to inform the consultation.

To support the Main Modifications consultation and assist those responding, the Council also prepared an addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal Report and a Habitats Regulation Assessment. 

The Main Modifications consultation has now closed. For further information, please contact the Planning Policy Team