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Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review

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In accordance with the commitment set down in the adopted Core Strategy (July 2013), to undertake an early review of that document, the Council has set a timetable and is working on a Local Plan Review. The current phase of plan making is complete with the Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies Development Plan Document and the Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan Development Plan Document adopted by Council on 26 January 2017.

To help facilitate the Local Plan Review Work, the Council has set up a Local Plan Working Group. This group has no decision making powers, but will make recommendations to Cabinet. Action Notes from each meeting will be posted on the website.

Timetable for aligned/joint Local Plan Review

  • Preparation of aligned/joint evidence base and consultation on the scope of the Sustainability Appraisal: January 2014 onwards
  • Notify stakeholders and invite representations. Early consultation stage that involves consideration of issues and options/preferred options Oct 2016 – Jun 2018 (Issues and Options consultation, 18 August until 30 October 2017
  • First Draft Local Plan: Summer 2018
  • Proposed Submission Plan (final draft plan) published for representations relating to soundness: Winter 2018
  • Submission of plan for Examination by Planning Inspectorate: February 2019
  • Examination hearing: June 2019
  • Inspector’s Report published: October 2019
  • Adoption of plan by the Council: November/December 2019
(See the Local Development Scheme for more information)

The review, which will replace the Core Strategy, the Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies and the Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan, is being carried out through an aligned/joint Local Plan with the Ipswich Policy Area local planning authorities (Ipswich Borough, Mid Suffolk, Babergh and Suffolk Coastal).

Through working together, the future strategic needs for all types of development and infrastructure across the wider housing market area and functional economic area, defined as the 4 local authority areas, can be better met.  

Considerable joint working, including on the evidence base for this Local Plan Review, is already taking place through the Ipswich Policy Area Board. This includes work to define the full objectively assessed needs for housing and employment.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was agreed in June 2016 by the 4 local planning authorities and Suffolk County Council which commits them to continued joint working in order to:

  • Agree objectively assessed housing need for the Ipswich Housing Market Area (the local authority areas of Ipswich Borough, Mid Suffolk, Babergh and Suffolk Coastal)
  • Agree objectively assessed employment need for the Ipswich Functional Economic Area (also the local authority areas of Ipswich Borough, Suffolk Coastal, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils)
  • Identify broad locations to accommodate forecast growth
  • Ensure the implementation of any mitigation measures required as a result of the Habitats Regulations Assessment
  • Identify and prioritise infrastructure delivery across the four local authority areas