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Existing Waveney Local Plan

Waveney Local Plan policies

Core Strategy

Development Management Policies

Site Specific Allocations

Area Action Plan for Central Lowestoft

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Supplementary Planning Documents

Local Plan timetable and getting involved

The Local Development Framework is the current local plan for the Waveney district (excluding the Broads Authority area) and sets out how the area should be developed. Work is currently being undertaken to prepare a new Waveney Local Plan.

What does the Local Development Framework mean for my area?

This depends on where you live. All towns have specific sites for future development to meet future needs such as housing and employment. There are also a number of policies which help to guide and manage development, including the re-use of vacant school buildings and playing fields, appropriate uses in town centres, and the supply of affordable homes.

What does the Local Development Framework mean for my planning application?

If you apply for planning permission, you will need to make sure your proposal complies with policies set out in the Local Development Framework. Policies can be found in the Core Strategy, Development Management Policies, Site Specific Allocations and Lowestoft Lake Lothing and Outer Harbour Area Action Plan. Alternatively, you can contact your area Planning Officer for advice on your proposal.

What else guides development in the Waveney district?