Martlesham neighbourhood area

Independent examination (Winter 2017)

Suffolk Coastal District Council has appointed Rosemary Kidd MRTPI to carry out an independent examination of the Martlesham Neighbourhood Plan. The examination will be commenced as of 19th October 2017 during which time the examiner will evaluate the submitted documents, including the representations received.

The independent examiner has detailed a number of questions for both Martlesham Parish Council as the qualifying body and Suffolk Coastal District Council as the local planning authority to consider. The following documents detail both the examiner’s questions and the agreed qualifying body and local planning authority response to those questions:

Submission (Regulations 15 & 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and Localism Act 2011)

Comments were invited on the Martlesham Neighbourhood Plan (submission version) between 7th July and 18th August 2017. A total of no. 7 representations were received during this period:

Additional to this, The Council as the Local Planning Authority has submitted a representation. The examiner is therefore also considering the following representations:

Submission Documentation

Martlesham Parish Council as the qualifying body submitted the following to the Suffolk Coastal District Council:

Progress with the plan following independent examination would normally involve consideration of any modifications recommended by the examiner, referendum, and subject to a positive vote at referendum, Suffolk Council then “making” the plan at which point it would become part of the statutory development plan for that part of the district.  Please continue to view this website page for updates. Alternatively you can contact Planning Policy Team address and email as above, or telephone 01394 444588.