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Commenting on planning applications

Have your say

Anyone is entitled to object to any planning application. Equally anyone may wish to lend their support.

Comment about a planning application online

You have 21 days from:

  • the date of registration of the application, or
  • the date of the application details being officially advertised (where this is necessary), or
  • the site notice being displayed, or
  • the date of any letter sent to your asking for comments
    (Whichever is the latest date - this can be viewed in Public Access under 'Important dates').

The Council only take into account 'material planning considerations' when determining an application.

Material Planning Considerations (can be taken into account) include:

Access/traffic (parking and road safety issues) Affordable housing
Amenity - daylight, sunlight, privacy Conservation / listed building
Consultee responses Cumulative impact
Fear of crime (s17) Government Policy
Layout, density, design/appearance, character Local economy
Local Planning Policy Noise, smell or other disturbances
Outlook Prematurity
Previous similar decisions Site history

Non-material considerations (cannot be taken into account) include:

Change from previous schemes Commercial competition
History of the applicant Impact on property values
Loss of view Matters covered by other legislation
Moral objections  Ownership of land/right of access 
Profit Restrictive covenants
Work already done  

It is possible to attend the Planning Committee meetings dealing with planning applications. However, only elected members of the council can vote on the application decision itself.