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Planning Committee

Most minor planning applications can be decided by senior planning officers who have delegated authority, but the larger more controversial proposals are referred to the Planning Committee, so they can be discussed and considered in full. This also gives members of the public the opportunity to attend meetings and raise their own issues about a particular proposal.

East Suffolk South Planning CommitteeEast Suffolk North Planning Committee

Cllr D McCallum (Chairman)
Cllr S Harvey (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr C Blundell
Cllr Burroughes
Cllr A Cooper
Cllr M Deacon
Cllr D Dean
Cllr A Fryatt
Cllr Hedgley
Cllr G Holdcroft
Cllr M Jones
Cllr M Newton
Cllr A Smith

Cllr P Ashdown (Chairman)
Cllr N Brooks (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr M Cherry
Cllr G Elliott
Cllr J Ford
Cllr T Goldson
Cllr I Graham
Cllr M Ladd
Cllr P Light
Cllr R Neil
Cllr M Pitchers
Cllr C Rivett
Cllr J Smith

Right to Speak scheme

Members of the public have the right to speak at a Planning Committee meeting during the consideration of applications that are submitted under the Town and Country Planning legislation.

The purpose of the right to speak scheme is to allow the committee the opportunity to hear the views of the public. The success of the scheme is dependant on participants adhering to some simple rules and procedures that the council have developed to ensure that the meetings are conducted in a fair manner, giving all interested parties the opportunity to have their say. The procedures apply equally to objectors, applicants, agents, supporters, parish councillors and other interested parties.