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Pre-application planning advice

Pre-application advice is a good way of getting feedback on your development proposals and can increase your chances of submitting a successful planning application. The advice provided will guide you through the issues and policies relevant to your scheme, based on the information submitted with the request.

We will also advise on how issues should be approached and give an indication of whether a scheme is likely to be successful, but no guarantees can or will be given about the decision that will be made on any such application.

All enquiries need to include:

  • your name and contact details, preferably including your email address
  • the full postal address of the site you are enquiring about
  • a full description of the proposed development
  • a site plan with the site outlined in red

You should also include:

  • a sketch plan or draft of the proposed development
  • photographs of the site, if possible indicating the area of the proposal
  • a layout plan
  • any accompanying reports

Please provide as much information as possible, as this will help the officer assess the details of your proposal and allow us to provide more detailed advice for you.

For proposals to extend or alter a house, sketch drawings and photographs will usually be sufficient, but should be clear on exactly what you are proposing, for example: "a two storey side extension on the western side of the property".

The amount of information submitted should be proportionate to the scale of development you are proposing. All information submitted needs to be accurate, complete, and clear. It is important to emphasise that the quality of the advice we can give depends on the quality of the information you submit.

The intention is to ensure you are in as strong a position as possible to address all the relevant planning issues prior to the submission of any application, and that you are aware of the information required to accompany your application, so that it can be validated on receipt.

Once a valid submission is received, officers will aim to provide you with bespoke written advice within 28 days, unless prior communication is made to mutually seek to extend that period. It may be, on occasion, that officers consider a meeting would be beneficial to progress matters, in which case, early communication with you will be made to agree a date.

Exemptions to fees will only apply in the following circumstances:

  • Enquiries relating to proposals for alterations or extensions to a dwelling house for the benefit of a registered disabled person
  • An enquiry relating to a proposal for the carrying out of operations for the purposes of providing a means of access for disabled persons to or within a building or premises to which members of the public are admitted
  • If the enquiry is being made by a town or parish council for their own developments
  • Schemes relating to 100% affordable housing
  • Schemes covered by a Local Development Order (LDO) and meet the requirements of that relevant order