Public Access guide

The Public Access planning applications search system comes with several additional features which are available to registered users. For non-registered users it is possible to use the new system in a similar way to the previous one with one exception which relates to commenting on planning applicationsĀ online.

Commenting on planning applications

Once you have registered as a user you will be able to use the system to submit comments you may have on current planning applications. The system will only allow this function to be used during the official period of public consultation. If this has closed it may still be possible to submit comments in another way but please seek advice from the planning case officer whose details are given for each case.

Please note that if you submit a comment in relation to a planning application it will immediately be made available to view by the public on the website and possibly in the planning application file and will include your name and address.

Tracking applications

If you are interested in a specific planning application and have registered as a user of the website then you can choose to track the application. You will then receive an automated email every time the status of the application changes. The facility also exists to stop tracking.

Save a search

This facility allows registered users to save any search they have undertaken using the system. The search will then be available for them to re-run when revisiting the site and without the need to re-input the search criteria. A list of saved searches will appear within the users profile and the ability to change the title of each saved search is available. When a search is saved the option is given to allow the system to automatically email the user should there be a change to the search, e.g. the status of an application changes or a new application has been received (see advanced search below).

Notified applications

This allows registered users to view the progress of cases they have been tracking. When one of the tracked applications is updated it will appear in this list. Also, if a new application is added that matches one of the saved searches, the new application will appear on this page.

Map searches

If you choose to search for planning applications, appeals or enforcements within a given area and use the map search, zooming in will open up additional information to identify the nearest record to the centre of the map. If you scroll the map the list of applications changes as you scroll. This method of searching can also be saved by registered users and search results returned from a chosen distance from the centre of the map.

Advanced search

When using the advanced search function you can search using any of the search fields and date ranges or any combination of them. For instance you could search under a parish, an application type and a date range all together or individually.

You can also search using a date range without filling in the 'to' date blank. For example, all types of planning applications received in a particular parish or ward from 01/07/13 to (leave blank). If this search is saved, and you elect to be notified of changes, then you would receive an email when the status of an application changes or when a new application is received within that parish or ward.