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Local Plan background studies

The Waveney Local Plan is based on a robust understanding of needs, constraints and opportunities. A number of background studies have been prepared to provide baseline data and to provide an evidence base:


Employment and retail


  • Infrastructure Study (March 2018)
    Identifying the infrastructure required to support growth planned in the Local Plan.


Culture, tourism and leisure

  • Cycle Strategy (July 2016)
    The Cycle Strategy sets out the vision for cycling in the area. It has been prepared to help ensure cycle routes and facilities are in place to create a safe and attractive environment that will encourage people to cycle, recognise cycling as a viable transport option and afford the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor surroundings. A map of cycling issues shows where improvements can be made.
  • Green Infrastructure Strategy (July 2015)
    Sets out a strategic approach to improve green spaces and the connections between them to create a well connected green infrastructure network to benefit communities, wildlife and the wider environment.
  • Open Space Needs Assessment (July 2015)
    This report comprises of several assessments and discussions to provide an overview of green space in the District and how provision meets the needs of people in Waveney. Assessments include parks and gardens, amenity green spaces, play spaces, allotments, sites of biodiversity value, natural and semi-natural green space, cemeteries and green corridors.
  • Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports Facilities Assessment (July 2014)
    This assessment identifies the quantity and quality of pitches and outdoor sports facilities in the District. It also identifies areas with a deficiency or surplus of provision, reviews existing local standards, identifies potential for shared use facilities, makes recommendations for the provision, protection and improvement of sports facilities, and recommends the sports facilities that should be provided at Oakes Farm.


Flooding and coastal erosion

Renewable energy

Natural environment

Historic environment

Whole Plan Viability Assessment

  • Whole Plan Viability Assessment (March 2018)
    Assessing the financial viability of the policies and proposals in the Local Plan, including the level of Community Infrastructure Levy.

Topic Papers