Development Management Policies

Policies to help make decisions on planning applications.

The adopted Development Management Policies cover a broad range of topics, including high quality and sustainable design, coastal erosion, employment, housing and tourism.

If you apply for planning permission, you will need to make sure your proposal complies with these policies, plus any relevant from other Local Development Framework documents.

The Development Management Policies is a Development Plan Document (DPD) which makes up part of the Waveney Local Development Framework.

Related News

  • A number of related Supplementary Planning Documents are being prepared or are already adopted. These include open space provision and developer contributions, affordable housing and guidance for historic buildings and conservation areas.
  • Following a change to Government guidance in March 2015, the Code for Sustainable Homes standards compliance as set out in Policy DM04 is no longer to be applied. A Planning Policy Position Statement has been prepared that sets out how the Council's sustainable construction policies will be applied.

The Development Management Policies document took a number of years to prepare and reach adoption. If you would like a copy of any previous stages or the studies used to inform the Development Management Policies, please contact us.