Habitat mitigation

Development of new housing within the 13km ‘zone of influence’ of European designated sites is likely to have a significant effect upon the interest features of the designated sites, through increased recreational pressure, as set out in the Suffolk Coast Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy (RAMS).

New housing within the Suffolk Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation area will be required to mitigate the effects of the development though Section 106 planning obligations.

Where a financial contribution towards RAMS is required and there are no other Section 106 planning obligations, the payment can either be made upfront or a unilateral undertaking (legal agreement) can be entered into, to secure payment upon commencement of the development.

To make an upfront payment, simply complete the upfront payment form and follow the directions on the form to make a BACS payment, then email the form along with proof of payment to s106@eastsuffolk.gov.uk.

Where a legal agreement is preferred, a unilateral undertaking template (available below) has been created, that applicants can complete themselves or with the assistance of their solicitor. This means that the council can charge a nominal fee towards the legal work involved in administering and approving the undertaking. This approach has been taken by the collective Suffolk authorities to try and reduce costs for applicants.

Instructions for completion of the unilateral undertaking are provided on the first page of the template. The undertaking must be submitted with the site location plan included with your planning application and a Land Title Plan and Register printed from Land Registry within the previous 3 months (title documents can be sourced from HM Land Registry) or copy deeds certified by a solicitor.

A legal fee will be payable prior to completion of the undertaking. The fee is set at £50 where the land is registered and amendments to the deed are not required. Additional fees will be charged where the land is unregistered or amendments to the template wording are requested. Payment can be made by cheque with submission of the completed undertaking or by BACS.

Habitats sites affected across East Suffolk

  • Alde-Ore Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA) and Ramsar site
  • Benacre to Easton Bavents SPA and Benacre to Easton Bavents Lagoons (SAC)
  • Deben Estuary SPA and Ramsar site
  • Minsmere to Walberswick Heaths and Marshes Special Area of Conservation (SAC)
  • Minsmere - Walberswick SPA
  • Orfordness-Shingle Street SAC
  • Sandlings SPA
  • Stour and Orwell Estuaries SPA and Ramsar site

The habitats site(s) affected by your development can be provided by the case officer for your application.

If the property is under a mortgage or charge, the mortgagee/chargee will need to sign the undertaking.

Please email RAMS@eastsuffolk.gov.uk if you have any queries regarding completing the template.