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Parking services

The situation and government advice concerning COVID-19 changes and develops at pace. These are unprecedented times for which there is no pre-written guidance, so it is our duty as parking professionals to use common sense and do what is right.

Parking management remains an important public service benefiting motorists and the wider community by maintaining road safety and ensuring access to goods and services, which is extremely important, particularly for key workers. These include emergency services, health and social care workers, essential transport staff, NHS and council volunteers and others helping unwell and vulnerable people in their communities, endeavouring to provide essential services at this challenging time.

Therefore, the decision is taken to suspend parking management fees in car parks until further notice and season tickets will not be available during this time. Further information regarding the Council’s approach.

Additionally, there will soon be a new permit management system and Resident Permit applications and renewals are also suspended at this time. Residents may continue to park in the street or zone in which they live and all will be informed when the new permit system is available for use.