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East Suffolk Area Parking Plan Consultation

Across Suffolk, we are in the process of transferring power to enforce on-street parking from the police to local authorities.

Ahead of taking on civil parking enforcement (CPE), the Department for Transport requires that enforcement authorities wishing to operate CPE need to provide evidence of our parking policies and strategies.

We have produced a completely new parking policy document called the East Suffolk Area Parking Plan (ESAPP). It has been drafted with the objective of setting out greater detail on the broad parking policy objectives that are set out in the Suffolk Parking Management Strategy and how these will be administered by East Suffolk.

It is based on the assumption that CPE powers will be granted to Suffolk and will be administered and operated by East Suffolk under an Agency Agreement and Service Level Agreement with Suffolk County Council.

Suffolk public sector leaders continue to lobby the Secretary of State for Transport to grant a CPE implementation date of April 2019.