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Off-street Parking Places Order

Parking demand management is only one consideration for place making and town centre management and the cost and availability of parking are only two component parts in the delivery of an efficient and effective parking service. A thorough review of our parking services has been completed alongside projects our Economic Development service is undertaking and a modern approach to delivering parking services has been developed which considers the requirements and travel patterns of visitors, residents and businesses. The proposals include:

  • a simpler tariff structure, reflecting evidence that people want longer trips for shopping and socialising. This simplified structure removes the disparity and confusion caused by more than fifty price levels in the current pricing structure.
  • better use of technology, including a parking app that allows drivers to check parking place options and availability before leaving home; select a parking place and be navigated to it via Google Maps or Apple Maps; pay for parking on arrival and extend parking sessions without returning to vehicles.
  • the introduction of a free half hour for parking in many off-street parking places where free on-street parking opportunities are limited. This option accommodates short trips such as ‘popping in’ to town centres, walking a dog or going for a jog, without a disproportionate charge.
  • reducing the number of coins per tariff level because multiple coin payments require drivers to carry more coins of different denominations which places added pressure on them to pay more should they not have enough coin types, and multi-coin tariffs fill up a pay-and-display machine's cash box quicker which often results in a machine going out of service leaving drivers with ‘payment anxiety’ and the fear of receiving a parking fine for non-payment of their parking session.

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