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Residents parking scheme

A residents parking scheme is in place to help residents in Lowestoft, Halesworth, Bungay and Beccles to park near their homes.

It only applies to residents of certain streets and designated areas in the town centres and permits are provided for an annual fee of £22.00 this includes the postage fee and a permit holder. You can only apply for one permit per house-hold. On-street parking permit terms and conditions

In residents parking areas where there is no provision for parking on the street, a permit is available to park in a designated car park. These tickets can be purchased for either 1 month, at a cost of £15 or 1 year, costing £150 both these costs include the postage fee and a permit holder. These permits are vehicle specific, with the exception of Ravensmere Car Park in Beccles. Off-street parking permit terms and conditions

Please ensure when renewing your permit that you apply in good time before your current permit expires, you are able to do this one month in advance.

If you are unable to complete an online form and payment, please contact us.

For those customers that do not have access to card payment options:

To ensure that the resident's areas are only used by cars with a permit we employ Car Parking Officers to enforce the conditions. They can issue an Excess Charge Notices for breach of conditions. E.g. where a vehicle is parked in a marked bay without a permit or unauthorised vehicles. The council will issue an Excess Charge Notice for an illegally parked vehicle which will advise the owner how to pay the required fine or appeal against the ticket.

Season ticket car parking scheme

We also offer a car park season ticket scheme that anyone can apply for.