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RingGo parking payments by phone

RingGo is a quick, easy to use mobile phone service, which lets you pay for your parking with a credit or debit card, rather than using cash at a machine.  When you park your car in an area featuring the RingGo service, you simply contact RingGo by iPhone or Android app, calling, SMS or on-line, and pay for your parking by phone.

With RingGo:

  • You no longer need to carry change
  • You don't have to visit a parking machine and
  • You don't need to walk back with a parking ticket - Car Park Inspectors check which vehicles are parked with RingGo via their handheld units.

The RingGo system automatically recognises that you have a parking session currently operating.

You can pre-register on the RingGo website. Alternatively you can register at the time you first call to use the service. The number to call is shown on the car park ticket machines.

The next time you call, RingGo remembers you from last time (by recognising your mobile phone number) and will ask you to:

  • Confirm the vehicle that you want to park.
  • Confirm the location.
  • Say how long you want to park.
  • Provide the security code from your credit card.

Again, you will be asked if you wish a text confirmation or reminder.

Extending your parking session

Unlike normal parking sessions, you can remotely top up your parking fee up to the maximum stay limit for that car park when you use RingGo. If you want to extend your stay, simply call RingGo again and the service will ask you:

  • How long you want to extend for.
  • What your card security code is.

How much does RingGo cost?

There is no charge for registering with RingGo and no charge for the PIN confirmation text when you set up your account. When you park your vehicle with RingGo, you will pay a 20p convenience charge on top of the normal parking tariff charges which apply. This parking charge will be shown on your monthly credit/debit card statement.

There is also the local call to the RingGo service - but if you have a mobile phone package which includes free bundled minutes, your call to RingGo is likely to be included within this. In any case, once you are registered, the call to park your car each time is very quick - usually less than a minute.

If you wish to receive a text confirmation of your parking session or a reminder when your parking session is about to run out, there is an additional 10p charge per text for these options.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

If you need a VAT receipt for your RingGo parking session, you can view and print a receipt online. For security you will be asked to enter your 4 digit PIN which was provided to you at the first time of use.

More information about RingGo

For general information visit the RingGo website or if you have a specific question about how RingGo operates visit the RingGo help centre.