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Car parking penalties and appeals

If you park a vehicle in one of our pay and display car parks without displaying a valid ticket, or you do not comply with our car park conditions of use, you will be liable to pay a parking penalty in the form of an excess charge notice.

The excess charge for cars and motorcycles is £80 (reducing to £40 in the Suffolk Coastal district and £50 in Waveney, if paid within 14 days of the issue of an excess charge notice) and £200 for HGVs, PSVs and coaches (reducing to £100 if paid within fourteen days of the issue of an Excess Charge Notice).

Failure to pay an excess charge is an offence and triable in the Magistrates’ Court under Section 35A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 where further costs and a fine may become payable.

How to avoid a parking penalty

  • Remember to buy a ticket and check that it is correctly displayed so that its details can be seen by a parking inspector.
  • Ensure that the ticket will cover the length of your stay - if you are likely to be delayed (by an appointment for example) then it makes sense to buy a ticket for a longer period rather than take the chance of an excess charge notice.
  • Make sure that you are parked within one of the marked bays.
  • If your vehicle is too big for one bay then you do need two tickets if it is across two bays.
  • Disabled bays in Council car parks are only for vehicles displaying a valid Blue Badge. Please see the car park tariff board for exemptions.

Blue Badge holders

Parking concessions provided under the Blue Badge scheme only apply to on-street parking and do not apply to off-street car parks that the Council provides.

Normal tariffs apply to Blue Badge holders but with double the time purchased (up to the daily maximum tariff time) when a valid pay and display ticket is displayed alongside a valid Blue Badge.

Paying your Excess Charge Notice

Excess Charge Notices can be paid online, by telephone using your debit or credit card, or by post.

If you are posting a cheque to us, please make your cheque payable to Suffolk Coastal OR Waveney District Council, write the account excess charge reference number on the reverse and send to the relevant council's postal address

How to appeal against an excess charge notice

If you think you should not have been given an excess charge notice you can appeal. You can use our online excess charge appeal form (Suffolk Coastal only) to make your appeal or you can write to us. If you would like to send any supporting documents please send them with your appeal.

Your appeal must be made within seven days from the date of the excess charge notice. Please note that a photograph of your vehicle may have been taken as evidence of the infringement. We will email a copy of the photograph to you on request.

The online form is not sufficient, on its own, for appeals relating to having a valid ticket that was not readable for any reason. In these cases we must have the ticket presented to us as evidence. If you wish, you may still fill out the form and then print it and send it to us with the ticket to the address below.

Written appeals and printed forms enclosing any evidence should be sent to either Suffolk Coastal Norse or Waveney Norse.

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