Garden waste scheme

Renewal invitations for the Garden Waste Scheme were sent in March, to residents with subscriptions ending between 30 April and 31 May. If you gave us your email address last year we have emailed you a link where you can renew online. Otherwise we have sent details of how to renew through the post. We have been informed that some postal renewal reminders were held up at the mail depot and so may not have reached everyone yet. If you receive your renewal invitation late, please don’t worry - you can renew your subscription at any time and still get 12 months worth of collections.

The garden waste scheme is a subscription service costing £43 per year. The fee covers 12 months of collections for one bin. You can subscribe for more than one bin, at £43 each.

Your collection day

Your garden waste bin is emptied fortnightly during the weeks highlighted on the bin collection round calendar. This will be the same day your recycling bin is emptied.

You can check your collection day and collection round calendar using the online bin collection day finder.

Your bin should be out ready for emptying at 6am as collections start early. Please note that the time of collection may change at any time, so to avoid missing the collection, always put your bin out by 6am.

All bin collections are worked as normal on bank holidays, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Help us to provide the best service possible

Please help us by following these guidelines:

  • Please remember that collections start at 6:00am
  • Put your garden waste bin at the boundary of your property where your access meets the public highway
  • Do not force too much waste into the bin as it can stick inside the bin and prevent it from being emptied
  • Please ensure that the lid can be closed when it is presented for collection. If the lid is open then the bin will not be emptied
  • Please take your bin in as soon as you can after collection

If the garden waste bin is not presented in the correct place by 6:00am on the day of collection, or contains any incorrect items, it will not be emptied.

Home composting

If you find that you have too much garden waste and vegetable waste to fit in your garden waste, bin why not try home composting. Home composting is the most environmentally friendly and most cost effective way to deal with your garden and vegetable waste.

Alternatively, you can take garden waste to a Suffolk County Council household waste recycling centre.

What happens to the waste collected in the garden waste bin?

The waste collected in the garden waste bins is delivered to the 'in vessel' composting facility at Parham. It is mixed and chopped before being put in large steel drums which continually rotate to mix and aerate the waste. This accelerates the composting process in a controlled environment. The resulting soil improver is then screened and pasteurised before being despatched.

The end product is fully compliant with waste disposal legislation and is high in many essential plant nutrients desirable to local farmers for crop production and so is an attractive alternative to artificial fertiliser. It also has the additional benefit of increasing organic matter in the soil.